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At Avid Law we focus exclusively on estate planning, substitute decision making, deceased estates, and contested estates to provide a complete suite of legal services in this vital area of law.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Planning for your future and future generations of your family.


Enduring Power of Attorney

Appointment of Enduring Guardian

General Advice

Deceased Estates

Deceased Estates

Compassionate and efficient estate administration after a loved one has passed away.


Letters of Administration


Informal wills

Complex estates

General Advice

Contested Estates

Contested Estates

Legal support for all types of conflict resolution relating to a deceased estate.

Family Provision Claims

Contested Grants

Beneficiary rights and support

Alternative dispute resolution


Supreme Court litigation

General Advice

Elder Law

Elder Law

Support for legal rights of those who lack capacity, have a disability or are at risk.

Misuse of Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Appointment of Enduring Guardian documents

Financial Abuse

Elder Abuse

NCAT Guardianship Tribunals

Supreme Court Protective jurisdiction

General Advice

Not sure which service is for you? Not sure if you need a lawyer? Book in for a free 15 minute no obligation phone consultation to see if we are able to help you.

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